Talk therapy doesn’t always work – especially when the nervous system is still affected by trauma.

Rewire Trauma Therapy’s 10-minute-a-day somatic exercises work directly with the nervous system to gently release the effects of trauma. 

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You can now help your clients calm their nervous system during and after a session with a growing library of body-centered techniques while expanding your trauma toolbox to work with multiple somatic movement-centered, and expressive therapies - all in one membership. 


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Tanya Zajdel, RN

Tanya’s work with trauma healing and survivorship has been featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, CBC News, Vox Tablet and Iheart Radio.


Tanya is a mental health worker, a women’s health nurse, and a published feminist author. Tanya focuses primarily on creating programs that facilitate trauma healing through creating new neural connections in the brain called 'neuroplasticity exercises'.


Her techniques combine various well-known therapies to repair and reset the nervous system after trauma including somatic therapy, yoga, drama therapy, CBT, Qigong, EMDR, vagal toning, authentic movement, and a combination of expressive, creative art therapies.

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Join thousands of trauma survivors and practitioners in practicing this free 1-minute somatic trauma healing exercise to relieve the debilitating effects of trauma on the body.

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