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Most Therapists Are Not Trauma Informed abuse ptsd self therapy trauma and the gut

What I discovered in my citywide hunt for a therapist equipped to heal PTSD.


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How to heal the Gut-Brain Axis after trauma? gut-brain axis and trauma trauma and the gut

The gut-brain axis refers to the bidirectional communication and link between the gut microbiota...

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Want Practical Strategies For Healing The Trauma-affected Nervous System?

If you find these articles helpful and want practical therapies you can use to begin fixing nervous dysregulation today you may be interested in exploring our top-rated guided programs:

Polyvagal Theory

Integrating Polyvagal Theory into 10-minute therapies that gently tone the vagus nerve after trauma

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Somatic Therapies For Trauma Program

Tune into your body, develop your somatic awareness, and find a sense of groundedness.

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Trauma Therapy Program

This program will introduce you to a variety of body-based trauma healing therapies organized into 10-minute-a-day expert-guided therapeutic exercises to soothe and regulate the nervous system.

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