Healing Sleep After Trauma

Join this online, self-paced Healing Sleep After Trauma Program that grants you access to six expert-led theory modules that speak to the bidirectional relationship that exists between trauma and sleep. You will also be led through seven expert-guided, 10-minute-a-day, somatic, and body-based trauma healing exercises that soothe the nervous system to heal insomnia and anxiety for restorative sleep.
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  • Reconnect to a sense of calm and safety in the body to decrease anxiety and overwhelm
  • Nurture a sense of inner safety and increase relaxation in the body to soothe and regulate the nervous system
  • Reclaim a sense of self-agency by exploring movements that rekindle a sense of trust and safety
  • Ease the heaviness from the body and mind to improve the functioning of the immune system
  • Reconnect to a sense of inner peace and balance to decrease symptoms of depression
  •  Increase blood flow, relax muscles, and activate the respiratory and circulatory system to promote healing


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30,000+ enrolled in our programs

72-Hour money-back guarantee

Every purchase supports a survivor

30,000+ enrolled

in our programs


money-back guarantee

Every purchase

supports a survivor of abuse

Sleepless nights and anxiety are common symptoms of a traumatized nervous system.

Trauma and chronic stress cause the body to enter into a state of hyperarousal, causing us to feel on edge and preventing us from settling into a state of restorative sleep.2

The body’s lack of restful and restorative sleep begins to have the following impact:

  • Dysregulates the nervous system2
  • Increases the noradrenaline levels of the body4
  • Triggers traumatic memories2
  • Induces nightmares2
  • Increases anxiety4
  • Decreases emotional resiliency2

While our body’s natural protective instincts work to help us survive, living in this state of survival creates a continuous cycle of anxiety and sleep deprivation, depleting the body and mind to the point of exhaustion. This begins to overwhelm the body’s ability to cope and heal after trauma.3,4

According to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and sleep specialists, Dr. Matthew Walker, and Dr. Robert Stickgold, the process of restoration that occurs during REM sleep holds deep value in the processing and integration of traumatic memories. Therefore, making sleep a powerful tool to heal and process traumatic memories.3,4

Drawing inspiration from the works of Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Pat Ogden, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, and Dr. Gabor Maté, Rewire Trauma Therapy has worked to carefully curate a bottom-up, somatic and body-based approach to trauma healing that will support you and others in healing trauma at its roots to help improve one’s quality of sleep to relieve the effects of trauma in a way that words cannot.

This online Healing Sleep After Trauma Program has been curated to support you and others in decreasing the noradrenaline levels of the body. This can help to shift the nervous system and body to a calmer and more regulated state to soothe the body into a place of restorative sleep where true healing can begin.1

We invite you to join the Healing Sleep After Trauma Program to support you along your trauma healing journey.

Our Programs Come With:

  • A private supportive community

  • Lifetime access to the program and all future updates

  • Technical support via email and messenger

  • Start at any time at your own pace

  • A 72-hour money-back guarantee

Register Here For $240

You will receive access to six expert-led theory modules and seven expert-guided, 10-minute-a-day trauma healing exercises for restorative sleep. This program has been designed to offer you insight into the relationship between trauma, memory, and sleep to assist you in gently restoring a sense of safety and calm in the body to heal anxiety and insomnia after trauma. 

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Meet Rewire Trauma Therapy's Trauma Healing Experts


Tanya Zajdel


Tanya’s work with trauma healing and survivorship has been featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, CBC News, Vox Tablet and Iheart Radio.

Tanya is a mental health worker, a women’s health nurse, and a published feminist author. Tanya focuses primarily on creating programs that facilitate trauma healing through creating new neural connections in the brain called 'neuroplasticity exercises'.

Her techniques combine various proven therapies to repair and reset the nervous system after trauma including somatic therapy, yoga, drama therapy, dance therapy, CBT, qigong, EMDR, vagal toning, authentic movement, and a combination of expressive, creative art therapies.


Robert Stickgold


Robert Stickgold is a professor of psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, and has published over 100 scientific papers, including in Science and Nature, and his work has been written up in Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times. He studies the nature and function of sleep and dreams from a cognitive neuroscience perspective, with an emphasis on memory processing. He also investigates alterations in sleep-dependent memory processing in patients with schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder, and PTSD. His work is funded by NIMH. He is co-author, with Antonio Zadra, of the new book When Brains Dream.


Dr. Alex Dimitriu


Alex Dimitriu, MD, is dual-boarded in psychiatry and sleep medicine. He treats patients with a wide variety of mental health-related issues such as anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, and sleep disorders, to name a few. Dr. Dimitriu completed a fellowship in sleep medicine at Stanford University and received his medical degree in psychiatry at Stony Brook University. Dr. Dimitriu applies a thorough knowledge of neuroscience and pharmacology to attain the most minimal, efficient, and holistic solutions possible. Dr. Dimitriu is the founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine.


Deirdre O'Connor


As a trauma-informed Somatic Therapist ,teacher and educator , I specialise as a Trauma , Sleep and Anxiety counsellor. I have a particular passion for helping clients resolve the emotional distress underlying a lot of PTSD and attachment-based trauma. I have spent over two decades helping students and clients work directly with the body , mind and nervous system to help unhook from the busyness of life that keep us in that loop of ‘tired but wired’ that stops us from sleeping deeply and restoratively each night.

I’ve been where you are now, as some years back I experienced upheaval in my personal life and my sleep really suffered. I experienced many restless nights when sleep wouldn’t come and know the anxiety, frustration and hopelessness that comes along with the endless nights.

Thankfully I was able to draw on my well of therapeutic knowledge and was able to find my way back to sound sleep. This experience inspired me to found Deep Sleep Clinic in 2013, so I could help other people who find it hard to sleep - so that they wake up rested, refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

I hold multiple therapeutic qualifications, have gathered thousands of hours of experience working with clients just like you and am committed to using all of my knowledge for your benefit, to help you banish sleepless nights forever.


In Collaboration With Experts Affiliated With:

Rewire Trauma Therapy carefully curates 10-minute-a-day trauma healing exercises from over eight body-based therapies to release the debilitating effects of trauma in a way that words cannot. Our body-based therapeutic exercises integrate elements from the following: 

  • Polyvagal Theory inspired vagal toning exercises
  • Dance and movement therapies
  • Trauma-informed yoga
  • Bilateral stimulation therapies
  • Somatic therapies
  • Qigong
  • Sound and music therapies
  • Tai Chi
  • Martial arts
  • Expressive arts therapies
  • Hypnotherapy

Meaningful Feedback

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“One of the greatest things I have noticed is that Rewire Trauma Therapy responds to every comment, either on Facebook, Instagram or through their programs… this makes me feel seen and heard… creates a beautiful space to heal in.” 


Carrie Butler, Survivor
"Thank you so much for creating and sharing such a helpful and inspiring program and for making it affordable as well."

Tracie Jones, Survivor
"Rewire was perfect for us. It allows us to use the program when we are able and has been a wonderful addition to our daily lives. We both struggle with anxiety and need to work through releasing trauma stored in our bodies."
Renee Boos, Survivor
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"It helps me to feel the body and everything that happens in it, to slow down, and be focused. I found the tools of Rewire Therapy very practical and it suits me."

Milena Blankman, Survivor
"I would think if someone was new to therapy, these exercises would help calm their mind and body so they could be more vulnerable and become more conscious and aware of their thoughts and feelings. This is a great program and I hope people take advantage of it."
Matt Domyancic, Medically Retired Cop
"I notice that I am 'tolerating' more feelings and exploring them as being transient, also to see if they are information for the here and now or something else. The approach is so gentle that I forget the power of that. I am grateful and get that this is ongoing."

Liz Gow, Survivor
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“The course was presented in a very fresh, interesting, and informative way. The panel was extremely caring, professional, and engaging. The theory, exercises, and bonus program exercises were a beautiful way to present such rich information.”
Rita Ehrman, Survivor

Register Here For $240

You will receive access to six expert-led theory modules and seven expert-guided, 10-minute-a-day trauma healing exercises for restorative sleep. This program has been designed to offer you insight into the relationship between trauma, memory, and sleep to assist you in gently restoring a sense of safety and calm in the body to heal anxiety and insomnia after trauma. 

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Register Here For $240

You will receive access to ten expert-guided, 10-minute-a-day, Qigong practices and four expert-led theory modules to gently relieve trauma symptoms and restore a sense of safety and calm in the body after trauma.

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Two Payments Of $1610

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1Jin, P. (1989). Changes in heart rate, noradrenaline, cortisol, and mood during tai chi. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 33(2), 197-206. https://doi.org/10.1016/0022-3999(89)90047-0
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3Van der Kolk, B. (2014). The body keeps the score: Mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma. Penguin UK.
4Walker, M. P., & Van der Helm, E. (2009). Overnight therapy? The role of sleep in emotional brain processing. Psychological Bulletin, 135(5), 731-748. https://doi.org/10.1037/a0016570

Register Here For $240

You will receive access to six expert-led theory modules and seven expert-guided, 10-minute-a-day trauma healing exercises for restorative sleep. This program has been designed to offer you insight into the relationship between trauma, memory, and sleep to assist you in gently restoring a sense of safety and calm in the body to heal anxiety and insomnia after trauma. 

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