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Gently release trauma with the Somatic Therapies For Trauma Healing Program  (optional add-on)


Words can seldom fully capture our experiences of trauma. This is because, during trauma recall, Broca's area of the brain - responsible for speech production - tends to shut down. Dr. Peter Levine recommends somatic therapies to work directly with the trauma-affected nervous system to slowly and gently release trauma symptoms from the body. 

Rewire Trauma Therapy has brought together 45+ trauma healing experts to create this online, expert-guided Somatic Therapy Program, including 10-minute somatic techniques and comprehensive theory modules for the gradual and gentle release of stored trauma. 

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Vagal Toning Program

10-minute techniques for toning the vagus nerve after trauma

  • 7 vagus nerve toning techniques
  • +7 bonus exercises
  • 7 theory modules
  • The latest research on trauma
  • Private and supportive community
  • Keep access to the program
  • Ongoing communication and support
  • Start anytime and learn at your own pace
  • 72 hour refund policy 
  • 30 day program exchange policy



Meaningful Feedback

Thank you so much for creating and sharing such a helpful and inspiring program and for making it affordable as well.

Tracy Jonas, Survivor

One of the greatest things I have noticed is that Rewire Trauma Therapy responds to every comment, either on Facebook, Instagram or through their programs… this makes me feel seen and heard… creates a beautiful space to heal in.

Olivia Hertzl, Survivor

I joined because I was interested in supporting my current clients with new techniques and approaches. I've honestly been blown away by how generous Rewire is with the training, theory modules, and practical exercises that we receive at such an affordable price.

Kirstin Murray, Therapist